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March 15, 2012
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PMD Treble'n'Bass V2 App by lemondragon19 PMD Treble'n'Bass V2 App by lemondragon19
Only:iconpmd-explorers: is allowed to use this as they please.
Pokemon © Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo
Art © lemondragon19.
Piano and Forte are only fan characters made specifically for this group.


See their rivals Team Blue Crown!: [link]

Mission Log
Side Mission 4 ((incomplete)) - [link]

Mission 4 - [link]

Mission 5 - [link]

Mission 6 - [link]

Event 6
[link] <---- Rita the Zorua joins the party!

Forte becomes Leader: [link]

Event 7 - [link]

Mission 8 ((Coming soon))

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Leader Information
Name and Species: Forte the Minun

Age 16

Nature: Timid/ Alert to Sounds

Gender: Male

- A tactical thinker at heart, Forte would rather plan things out before leaping into action. He seems to have gotten a little braver since his training with CJ, a Lucario from Team F.U.B.A.R who has also taken him in as his adoptive son.

-He loves to read and brushes up on his knowledge on many things, including science!

-Forte is still pretty much a scaredy-cat. He isn’t the braest soul out there, but since being appointed as the new leader of TnB, he’s been trying his hardest to become stronger.

-He has a fear of forests due to his training with CJ.

-He lacks in Attack and usually plays a more defensive roll.

-He can only use Mega Punch, when under extreme anger, stress, or being cornered by a foe.

-Mega Punch

-A black bandana from his rogue days
-A Light blue Fedora

Info: Since being appointed leader of the group by it’s former, Forte strives to make Team Treble’n’Bass bring out it’s true potential by fixing everything that was wrong with it, of which it was mostly miscommunication.

He and his sister come from a small desert town far from Tao called “Spiral Rock.”

He can’t remember much of his childhood, but all he really knows is that his sister Piano had taken care of him for most of his life. Though he often wonders what his parents were like, Piano refuses to tell him for a reason he finds odd. He doesn’t question it much anymore as he’s given up, but it is still a thought that sits in his mind to this day.

His love for books came from his days spent in the orphanage. He befriended a Riolu named Actor, and he gave him a tour of the place on their first day, eventually leading him to a library. At the time, Forte didn’t know how to read. Actor took it upon himself to teach the Minun how to do so, and ever since then, he’s loved engaging in the activity. Forte loves reading anything based on Science, Fantasy, Math, Astrology, and Mythology. He also enjoys urban legends and other such stories.

Before he used to be a very timid child around almost everyone. But ever since growing up recently, he’s learned to not be as shy as he used to be and continues to try his best and improve each and every day.
-He is best friends with Nel the Jolteon, Ciel the Emolga, Ivan the Larvitar, Irane the Ivysaur, CJ the Lucario, Scarlet the Ninetails, Karen the Minun, Sora the Pichu, Rita the Zorua, Strum the Raichu, YUki the Vanillite and Curtus the Panpour.

-He is currently in a relationship with Stella the Minun from Team Rising Storm.

Second Member Information
Name and Species: Piano the Plusle

Age 19

Nature: Bold/ Capable of talking hits

Gender: Female

Strengths: This girl pretty much packs a lot of bark. High in the confidence area and certainly packing a punch, she’s a force to be reckoned with if you get on her bad side. She enjoys a good fight here and there, and certainly is high in the attack and Speed area; however, her defense is poor and usually makes up for it with her “Endure” attack.

She cares for her brother a lot, despite what drama they have been through recently. Her protectiveness only fuels her ambition to strengthen their team for a greater cause, and recently had given up her role as leader to Forte, showing that she can now put things behind her in order to improve herself.

-She’d rather bash a couple of heads than think about a way to resolve things, which usually makes things difficult for the team when it comes to working together, though lately she’s been trying to work on this fault.

-She has a fear of the Pokémon Riolu.

-Although she’s good at coming back from a good hit, actually making the effort to put up a defense doesn’t come so easily to her. She makes this up by using Endure only when she needs too.

-She’s quick to anger, thus making her think irrationally.

-Dynamic Punch

A black bow from her days as a rogue.

Ever since an argument with Forte and a few slaps to reality, Piano has been working on improving herself for the benefit of the team.

Former Leader of Team Treble’n’Bass, Piano entrusted its fate to her brother so that they can bring out it’s true potential. She believes Forte has what it takes seeing as he is the smarter, more tactical one of the group. She’s pretty sure this was a good decision on her part.

She and her Brother hail from a small desert town far away from Tao called “Spiral Rock.” Growing up with her mother and father, Piano learned almost everything she knew from her mother.

Their father being terminally ill at the time, a lot of time and focus was spent trying to bring up Piano while her mother was under a lot of stress, especially more so when Forte came into her life when she was at the age of three.

When their father passed away when she turned 5, things for their family got worse as their mother went under a complete personality change, becoming utterly bitter at the death of her husband.

Soon, Piano was left in an alleyway with the promise that her mother would return for her after some shopping. Weeks had passed by before the child Plusle realized that she and her brother had been abandoned. Because of this, Piano had to take the role of mother and sister in order for them to survive, and had to grow up and mature at a very young age.
Since they had no friends of the family in the village as their family tended to keep to their own, Piano had resorted to stealing food and money for survival. One day, several years later as Piano and Forte grew older, she stole from the cart of an old Raichu by the name of Glisa. She caught her stealing, but gave her the benefit of the doubt and instead and asked Piano if she had a home. Replying with a no, Glisa offered to give them shelter at an orphanage she ran with an old friend of hers, a mysterious Beedrill by the name of Belletrix.

Accepting the offer, Glisa took her and her brother from their small tattered shelter and took them to the orphanage, where upon arrival they met a Riolu by the name of Actor. She didn’t quite get along with him well, and eventually ended up in a fight due to being sick of his uptight attitude. The battled ended with Piano losing, leaving her left ear torn and over her left eye with scars.

As of today, Piano is working on improving herself by trying to listen to Forte more, something she never did in the past.
-She is best friends with Nir the Buizel ,Joker the Minun, Turbo the Plusle, Ciel the Emolga, Stella the Minun, CJ the Lucario, Rita the Zorua, Strum the Raichu, Yuki the Vanillite and Sora the Pichu

-She is currently in a relationship with Ivan the Larvitar from Team Rising Storm.

-She dislikes Samantha the Zangoose and Jaime the Aipom.

Third Member Info
Name and Species Rita the Zorua

Age 25

Nature: Modest/ Strong Willed

Gender: Female

-Nice attitude and loves to accessorize! Rita excels in Special Attack and Special Defense, but lacks the physical factors other than Speed. Much like Forte, Rita also loves touching up on her knowledge and enjoys reading a good book. She especially enjoys exploring, and is pretty good at making mental maps, showing that she has a pretty darn good memory.

-Her illusions usually tend to make her smaller than she appears, but she is honestly taller than Piano and Forte.

-Calm in almost any situation. Rita stays optimistic about almost anything, which adds to her bubbly personality.

-She seems to have a love for fashion.

-She lacks attack and defense, as she tends not to get her own paws dirty.

-She lacks trust in the Pokémon Zoroark and fears evolving into one.

-Although her illusions allow her to change size, she never changes into other Pokemon for a reason she won’t explain, other than the fact that her shape shifting abilities are imperfect. She'll never use her illusions to shape shift.

-Calm Mind
-Night Daze.

-A bright pink bow from her mother.

-The Smooth Bombin, a gift upon her joining the team from Piano at the Leavanny Shop.

Rita grew up in a pretty fancy background.

With rich parents, the Zorua was homeschooled nearly all of her life, only ever setting foot outside when going on trips with her family.

Because she was often secluded from the outside world, Rita used to be a very shy child and didn’t grow up with many friends except for an Eevee named Zeke, who later evolved into a Jolteon as they grew up.

Rita’s heart grew to love reading about explorations, the discovery of different societies, famous explorers, different civilizations and especially history. Against her parents wishes, she began to study archeology, sociology, and anthropology, as well as history. Although her parents wanted her to grow up in their family occupation, which required her to stay at home, Rita wanted to get out and explore the world and discover many new things for herself that she couldn’t learn during her stay with her parents.

When she finally grew to the age that she could take care of herself, Rita left from home with Zeke and began her life as an explorer with him, thus forming their exploration team at the time.
The two stayed together for about three years until Zeke’s behavior began to change. They eventually disbanded when they got into a large fight and Rita couldn’t stand the sight of him nor take his attitude, going out on her own for the first time ever.

During her solo adventures, she met a traveling old Raichu named Glisa and the two quickly became good friends. She told Rita the story of how two children by the names of Piano and Forte had left the orphanage and how she had been worrying for them ever since. Her health was beginning to decline and she felt that she wouldn’t be able to travel like she used to in the past anymore. She didn’t know where the two were and only hoped that they were okay and happy.

Excited at the chance to help Glisa, Rita offered to find the children for her so she could ease her worry. Glisa appreciated the idea and entrusted Rita with a letter to give the two of them upon finding them, which lead her on her two-year search for the sibling pair until she found the two in Tao Village.

Now the newest addition to Treble’n’Bass, Rita pledges to keep the two safe for Glisa’s sake.
-Friends with Piano the Plusle, Forte the Minun and Basil the Zorua.

-Dislikes Zeke the Jolteon, an old partner from the past.

-Rita is currently not in a relationship.
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